Intel confirms Madison, Xeon MP launches

CHIP GIANT Intel has confirmed it will launch its 6MB Madison Itanium processor on the 30th of June. At the same time, it also said it wil introduce a fresh flavour of Xeon MP Gallatin processors on the same date. The Madison is a grown up version of the Itanium 2 with a huge amount of cache, and Intel will also introduce its younger sister Deerfield, a chip with a smaller amount of cache, on the same date.

As we reported earlier, the Madison is likely to run at 1.5GHz and will cost only $4,300, while the 4MB Madison is less at $2,250. Deerfield, which is expected to run at 1.3GHz and will have 3MB of cache, is much less expensive at $1,100. The Xeon MP 2.8GHz (Gallatin) with 2MB of cache costs $3,700. You will need at least two of these to run in a multiprocessing server. Intel will add even more cache to Gallatin Xeons as the year wears on, and is also expected to introduce "low voltage" (LV) Itaniums for dual processor boxes.

News source: The Inq

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