Intel signs up Microsoft for XP inside programme

AMD MIGHT BE MAKING a big noise about the branding of the Athlon XP, but best buddies Intel and Microsoft have ganged up in a joint marketing push for Pentium 4 and Windows XP.

Intel's Inside programme - under which system builders get (undisclosed) cash handouts for including the Intel Inside logo or that terrible bing bong bing bong in their ads, is being extended to include Windows XP.

The joint logo programme will run until the end of next January as part of the two companies' estimated billion dollar spend to promote XP. It's the first time Intel has incorporated a third party logo in the programme and Microsoft had a fleeting dalliance with a joint branding exercise with the UK's Viglen a few years back.

Interestingly, the XP inside branding is Pentium 4 specific - which means, despite MS pushing XP's benefits on notebooks, the total lack of any P4 mobiles means the programme will be limited to desktop systems.

Screenshot: XP/Intel inside

News source: The Inquirer

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