Intel warns vendors not to overclock 865 chipsets

CHIP FIRM INTEL warned that system manufacturers and users that attempt to overclock 865 chipsets using PAT (performance acceleration technology) may end up with systems that are not under warranty. The stern warning sends out a clear challenge from Intel to motherboard makers including Asus, Epox, Abit and others that introducing a BIOS to enable elements of 875 technology in 865 chipsets is meeting strong disapproval from the chip giant.

Intel is also warning users from buying such products. A representative from Intel in Santa Clara said: "Intel does not condone over-clocking, and users and/or system manufacturers that employ over-clocking may void their Intel chipset warrantees and subsequently, any failures associated to an over-clocked Intel chipset may be the sole responsibility of the user or system manufacturer". He continued: "With the 875P chipset, the internal signals, including PAT capabilities, are being run as designed, tested and validated by Intel, and this results in a very robust platform across silicon & board skew and all specified temperature ranges".

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