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Intel's customers make better Canterwoods than Intel

IT'S NOT AN ERRATUM or it might be an erratum, it's not a problem with a chipset or it might be a problem with a chipset. That's where we stand with the held back Beancountergate saga, when Intel decided to not put the board into general release. Luckily for the world+dog, Intel supplies its chipsets to other motherboard makers and they have a bit o an axe to grind with the chip giant on this one.

One of these vendors told us that it would be heavenly for you and me and a dog called Sue to get hold of a cheap motherboard enabled for the 800MHz front side bus and letting end users push them using features some of those third party boards have.

Imagine, for example, that an 845PE pushed to the front side bus speed of 800MHz and only using single channel memory was only less than six to seven per cent than a pricey Canterwood? If third party mobo companies, just as an example, were able to create such mainboards at a very low price, Intel might get the jitters if the critters turned out to support all soft of other features like 2.4, 2.6GHz and 2.8GHz Pentium 4s but without offering the GbE and S-ATA that isn't quite essential yet.

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