Intel's freeD technology rolls out to eight more NFL stadiums

Intel and the National Football League (NFL) have announced plans to create an engaging 2017 football season by delivering immersive replays to fans through the use of the Intel freeD technology. Thanks to a fleet of thirty-eight 5K ultra high-definition cameras installed in selected NFL stadiums, the array will help "capture the greatest plays from every angle and create enhanced 360-degree highlights and immersive perspectives."

In addition to the existing home stadiums for the Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, and the San Francisco 49ers, the following eight stadiums have now been fitted out with Intel freeD technology:

  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Carolina Panthers
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Minnesota Vikings (site of Super Bowl LII)
  • New England Patriots
  • Washington Redskins

A clip below shows the freeD technology in action:

Intel noted that due to the high volume of raw data output from the fleet of cameras, each venue has been equipped with servers that have the ability to process up to one terabyte per 15-30 second video clip of video. To facilitate video capture and data transfers of that magnitude, miles of fibre has been laid around the stadium to connect the cameras to a central control room. There, the Intel production team can process the raw footage and adjust it to create clips from unique angles, such as individual player perspectives, that would otherwise be beyond the abilities of regular cameras.

James Carwana, general manager of Intel Sports spoke of freeD technology and said:

“By expanding freeD to more teams across the NFL, we're empowering fans to see every side of the play and relive the excitement of game-changing moments.”

“During Super Bowl LI, fans experienced a pivotal play from the quarterback's point of view. Seeing key plays up close and from new perspectives is redefining what it means to watch the game.”

Vishal Shah, the SVP, Digital Media, at the NFL also said:

"We're thrilled to bring this innovative content to NFL fans both in stadium and at home with freeD technology. Partnering with Intel has enabled a new way for fans to experience the excitement of our game. The vision of this technology to place the viewer anywhere on the field has the potential to be impactful across multiple areas of the League.”

Stadiums equipped with Intel's freeD technology will allow fans to access and share highlights via the NFL Mobile app, NFL website, NFL YouTube channel, and team-specific media outlets. Of course, for sports fans, this simply means experiencing the exciting plays of the NFL which everyone will be talking about using the latest in technology.

Source: Intel via SlashGear

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