Intel's Prescott still in trouble, it appears

WHILE INTEL'S 90 nano technology is fine and dandy, the next generation Prescott engine is still not ticking over as well as it might, according to my emoles inside the chip giant. The emoles tell me there's still a wee problem with power distribution and heat management, so the lads and lassies have been delivering land grid array (LGA) samples inside the mighty body of the corporation. Those samples, they say, are clocked at a wee 2GHz which gives Chupzilla the chance to plug and play and tweak the final versions.

Will Intel forget all about trying to make things work in socket 478 and go straight to LGA. Well, there's certainly a chance that might happen it appears. But what aboot the server chip, which Intel calls Nocona? That may not arrive until June next year, and while Chupzulla is hoping that the 2nd of February will be the day, as we exclusively revealed last Tuesday, there's still a possibility that late February or early March might see the dawning of the chip. Memo to Cher Price. Sell Broadcom stock, nae Serverwork chipsets will support the Nocona beasties.

The folks at Intel are fashing that the Northwood process may not be quite guid enough tae deliver 3.4GHz Xeon MPs the noo, despite earlier roadmaps fit we saw earlier in the year. So the good chip Prescott may be stalled a little longer.

News source: The Inq

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