iPod Touch could be making a return in Fall 2021

The iPod Touch and the iPod family overall have fallen into obscurity with Apple. The last iPod Touch was released in 2019 and has since then the name has been collecting dust. However, a new rumor could put the device back on the map, perhaps with some improved hardware?

According to Steve Moser, a contributing writer to MacRumors, and an avid data miner, he has reason to believe that the iPod Touch could be getting a refresh in Fall 2021.

Steve was also able to give us a close-up of what the revised iPod Touch could look like.

It is worth mentioning that October 23rd, 2021 will mark 20 years since the first iPod launched, so Apple doing something for the product is plausible.

Steve does chime in that all of the information has not been independently verified by himself or others, and as such should be taken as a rumor more than a leak.

With the news of Apple Music getting lossless audio support, an iPod Touch with a 3.5mm headphone jack, paired with a good DAC (digital-to-analog converter) could give a superb listening experience.

While an iPod Touch is definitely long overdue for a revival, we will have to wait and see what Apple has in store for the device and if there is indeed going to be news for the product later in the Fall if the rumors do prove to be true. .

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