Star Citizen's new free fly event offers free ships, capital ship tours and more

Cloud Imperium Games hosts multiple free fly events for its space trading and flight sim title Star Citizen every year. Today, it kicked off Invictus Launch Week, one of the bigger yearly events that offers everyone access to the entire game, a massive number of vehicles to test fly and drive, plus other dedicated events.

As part of this in-game event, the free star ships and other types of vehicles available to players rotate every two days until the festival's end on June 1. The first rotation is already in effect, offering content from four in-universe ship manufacturers -- Origin Jumpworks, RSI, Consolidated Outland, and Argo -- until May 23.

To complete the showcase experience, capital ship tours for the War Hammer Javelin destroyer will also be offered. NPCs with knowledge on the warship and the companies building them will be guiding the interested sight seers. The ship will be docking on the Everus Harbor above Hurston, Baijini Point above ArcCorp, and Port Tressler above microTech at various points during the event.

Star Citizen free fly event ships

The main event — with all the test flight opportunities — is taking place on the icy planet microTech, specifically in the city of New Babbage. For inexperienced players, Cloud Imperium Games has a handy new player guide here that explains the game's opening processes.

The latest major content update to hit the in-development title was Alpha 3.13.0 Underground Infamy, which delivered ship-to-ship docking, cave systems large enough to be accessible by star ships, visual hull degradation, and more features.

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