Is 640 x 1136 the new screen resolution of the iPhone 5?

In case you missed it, there are rumours that somewhere around September Apple is going to launch the next version of the iPhone. And by that time, iOS 6 should be ready too. Among the rumours are hints of a larger screen, and in one of the development tools for iOS, some evidence has been found supporting the rumour that Apple is changing the iPhone's screen size for the first time since the launch back in 2007. Although Apple introduced the retina display with the iPhone 4, the aspect ratio never changed.

When running the iOS simulator included in the development tools at a specific screen resolution of 640 by 1136 pixels, the home screen in iOS 6 shows five rows instead of the standard four found on iOS 5.1. This doesn't happen when running the simulator at a different resolution. This could indicate that the new iPhone will have a bigger screen as expected, or that Apple just left some code in while experimenting with different screen sizes. Apple's own apps seem to be modified to fully use the available screen size, although it's unsure how non-optimized third party apps will behave to the changed aspect ratio. The current (non-retina) resolution of the iPhone is 640 by 960 pixels, so only the screen's height would change if the rumour is true.

Source: 9to5 Mac | Images via 9to5 Mac

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