IT workers are "worst dressed" employees

The IT industry has the worst dressed workers, according to a leading Aussie fashion guru. Somehow managing to beat off competition from the building industry, IT workers were given a telling off from Melanie Moss, who tells Aussie corporate staff what to wear.

She said that short sleeved shirts, man-made fibres and the wrong coloured socks were some of the most common fashion faux-pas in the IT industry. Moss blames the fact that the majority of IT people are not in front of customers all the time.

Help desk staff were the worst dressed, followed by those working in technology start-ups, many of whom had continued to wear T-shirts to work as a consequence of the casual web culture of the '90s.

Moss said that money should be no object when it comes to dressing well and it was not just about wearing suits. All you need is a good quality shirt with a nice print and smart slacks is often enough as long as everything co-ordinates... natural fibres were also important. Polyester doesn't wear well, and gets sweaty and whiffs a bit.

News source: The Inquirer

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