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iTunes Australia Music Store Opens its Doors

This morning, Apple finally cut the ribbon on it's Australian iTunes Music Store, years after the service first launched overseas.

Up until now, all iPod users have technically been breaking the law by putting copyrighted music onto their iPods. Under Australian law, ripping a CD that you legally own to your computer is illegal, and because other music stores currently available do not allow you to copy the legally downloaded music to an iPod, it has driven many to piracy.

With the launch of the Australian store, Apple hopes to make a dent in the current piracy figures, which state that most music on Australian PCs is pirated. Less than 20% of downloaded music is downloaded legally.

For those of you who are too young to hold a credit card, Apple will be releasing iTunes Music Cards in the coming weeks.

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Download: iTunes 6.0.1 (Windows and Mac OS)

News source: BetaXP.net

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