Japanese man creates stunning art in Excel

A 73-year-old Japanese man, Tatsuo Horiuchi, has ditched the conventional use of Excel - spreadsheets - to deliver some absolutely stunning art using Microsoft's productivity tool. Why use Excel to create art like this? Horiuchi said that "other specialized graphic software is expensive, and Excel came pre-installed in PCs", while he also mentioned he found the software easy to use and more capable than physical paint.

Apparently the elderly man had never used Excel at his work, instead only seeing other people use it on their computers, and he thought that the spreadsheet software could be used to draw art. Before he retired at his job, he bought a new computer and started using Excel for that very task; in the last ten years he's become a true digital artist to the point where his work is shown at exhibitions.

The work he creates in Excel is a beautiful reflection of Japanese life and culture, and it seems clear that this man has a real talent for using software outside of its normal purpose.

Source: Kotaku

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