Kim Dotcom's extradition case could go all the way to July 2013

Kim Dotcom is quite the internet celebrity these days, with a string of stories relating to him. All of his fame has been the result of the past year; a year in which Dotcom's MegaUpload, one of the biggest file-hosts in the world at the time, was shut down.

Everything else that has made him famous has been a result of the MegaUpload saga, and judges want to see Dotcom in court soon. Yet Dotcom's case could well be driven back further, after he and his wife appealed to an Auckland high court for money to continue paying their staff.

That money would be coming from the family's personal funds; they're looking $20,300 a month to continue to operate. Nannies, cooks and butlers all have to be paid, y'know? Under the original orders they were getting $40,000 a month, but this was cut back due to the extravagance of needing five nannies. They were expected to be getting $6 million of their fortunes for living expenses paid, and before that, $60,000 a month.

Dotcom's extradition case was meant to be handled back in August but now there is a "high likelihood" that the German-born internet celebrity's case could be driven all the way back to July 2013; further than the January 2013 we'd grown to expect. The US wants him on American soil for a court hearing over the allegations of mass piracy through his sites. When the site first went down a judge thought it might never make it to trial. Another judge proclaimed the USA the enemy and left the case.

The Dotcom case is rapidly turning into a rollercoaster ride with the sheer number of ups and downs. There's more entertainment here than on TV (whose shows Dotcom was allegedly helping you pirate when he wasn't destroying you in Modern Warfare 3).

Source: MSN

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