Kindle Fire 2 rumored to launch as soon as end of July

Is Amazon going to launch the next version of its Kindle Fire tablet less than a year after the first version came out? That's what claims. The website reports it has heard from an unnamed but "credible" source that Amazon will launch the next Kindle Fire later this summer and could hold a press event to launch the tablet as soon as July 31st.

The story claims that the "Kindle Fire 2" will come with a camera this time, along with new physical volume control buttons. The original Kindle Fire, which was first announced in September 2011 and launched in November, did not have either of these features. No other hardware details for the next version were revealed in the article.

Amazon has never given specific sales figures for the first Kindle Fire, saying only that it has sold "millions" of the Kindle devices, for the price of $199.

This new rumor comes on the heels of today's unofficial reveal of Google's seven inch Nexus tablet, which is expected to be officially revealed later this week as part of the Google I/O conference for the starting price of $200. The Kindle Fire uses a highly modified version of Google's Android 2.3 operating system.


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