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Kutaragi talks PSP and PSX in Tokyo

SCE's president talks about the upcoming handheld's portability and the PS2/DVR hybrid's challenges.

Sony held its annual corporate strategy press conference yesterday in Tokyo, in which it publicly outlined its future agenda. While the topics were far-reaching, what was most interesting to gamers were Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi's comments regarding the PSX and PSP.

According to ITmedia, Kutaragi surprised the reporters present by making several cryptic comments after the conference had ended. ITmedia quoted Kutaragi as saying that the PSP "is expected to be used inside the house. No one would walk around while playing games." Though he might have been talking about basic pedestrian safety, his words stood in direct contrast to Sony's PSP presentation at E3, which touted its portability.

News source: GameSpot

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