Lindows drops Netscape for "another" browser

I just knoooooooow its IE :D

"Michael Roberts, the CEO of Lindows, has told customers that future plans for LindowsOS include dropping the Netscape 7.0 browser in future versions, to be replaced with an unnamed "browser suite". Robertson said in an email: "Until now we've shipped with the Netscape suite. Unfortunately, Netscape's development has slowed and necessitated a change." He adds "It's been tough for us to convince AOL to fully embrace desktop Linux. Our expectation was they would enjoy the opportunity to move out from under Microsoft's OS which clearly is partial to their own service MSN. Unfortunately, that's not been the way it has played out".

That means, he continued, that Lindows will lose the ability to check AOL email from within the new mail client. But, he added: "On the positive side, we'll be bundling a net suite that offers industry-leading features which will give LindowsOS users the best experience". This is not surprising to anyone who's been following the "Netscape vs. Mozilla" saga. Ironically, the company that decided to open-source its browser, and which is currently funding the project finds itself in the awkward position of offering a Netscape-branded version of the Mozilla code base, with a few commercial add-ons, but which lags several months and version revisions compared to the latest Mozilla "builds"."

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