Little Big Planet 2 offers more creative fun this winter

Media Molecule has officially announced the follow-up to their hit game of 2008, Little Big Planet. Little Big Planet 2 promises to expand upon the user creation paradigm of the first game and allows players to create even more robust content.

Although a lot of creative levels came out of the original game, they were mostly platforming style creations similar to the single player portion of the game. Media Molecule promises that with the release of Little Big Planet 2, players will be able to “link levels to make homespun sagas.” They also iterate there will be much more flexibility afforded to the types of experiences that players can create, allowing genre exploration outside of platforming., a social sharing website for Little Big Planet content, will launch alongside the game. User will be able to link their PSN IDs to the site and manage, rate and queue-up their favorite levels and creations. 1UP has screenshots of the forthcoming LBP hub.

On top of all of this, the 2 million+ levels created for the original game will work with the sequel. Check out the rather adorable trailer for a peek at what Little Big Planet 2 will have to offer this Winter for PS3 owners.

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