Logitech unveils mouse that can be used across multiple operating systems and devices

Logitech has announced its latest high-tier mouse: the MX Master Wireless Mouse. While mice usually don't see much innovation, this latest device by Logitech has a somewhat desired feature for anyone who uses more than one computer or device. The mouse can be paired with up to three individual devices, and a small button on the underside of the mouse allows the user to change between them. It can be connected via both Bluetooth "Smart" technology and using a 2.4ghz dongle.

Among some of the other features of the mouse are Logitech's "Darkfield laser tracking" technology, which they claim allows the mouse to be used on any surface - including glass (provided the glass is thicker than 4mm) - as well as a speed-adaptive scroll wheel.The side of the mouse features a scroll wheel as well, for scrolling left and right. One feature worth mentioning is the ability to charge the mouse with a USB cable as opposed to switching out batteries, and Logitech claims the mouse can get 40 days usage out of a single charge.

The Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse will be made available for sale sometime during April next month, and will be carrying a $99.99 price tag. While this definitely seems like an interesting mouse, it doesn't seem like it was designed with lefties in mind, so unfortunately it appears that some of you might have to give this one a miss.

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