Looking for a date? Visit Craigslist.org!

All of you "ladies men" better steer clear of the popular website Craigslist, as they have officially made cracking down on prostitution a priority. Police from across the United States have been making arrests almost on a weekly basis due to the influx of prostitution like ads involving both children and adults.

A site which most users turn to for finding a local job or selling items, has been found to have a strong market for something else; sexual services. Though most publicity is often welcomed by a company, this would probably fall under the "NOT WELCOME" category for Craigslist. The past few months have been hard hitting for Craigslist when it comes to the media.

In addition to prosecuting 14 software companies for helping posters bypass security features, Craigslist now requires anyone posting an "erotic services" ads to pay a small fee with a valid credit card and to supply them with a working phone number. This will allow Craigslist to better assist law enforcement should something come up.

As Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said in a press release, "The dark side of the Internet must be stopped from eclipsing its immense potential for good." But I guess that all depends on the specific "consumer."

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