LulzSec takes down Minecraft on what they call "TitanicTakeoverTuesday"

After a busy day for Lulzsec, the hacking group have now set sail the Lulzboat and began to fire their Lul-cannons at Minecraft.

The group managed to take down: Minecraft servers, Escapist Magazine, EVE Online, FinFisher and all on the same day, and it appears the group shows no sign of stopping with their antics.

The group posted on their Twitter “Just sunk the Minecraft login server, looks like their website also got hit from overkill: not even firing at the site.”

For Minecraft users, it’s a sad day, and for Internet freedom, an even worse day. The inevitable outcome by governments to protect themselves and corporations from cyber-attacks will likely be reducing users' anonymity in hopes to reduce the number of cyber-attacks.

Russian Security Company, Kaspersky, has previously been quoted as saying "Everyone should and must have an identification, or internet passport. The internet was designed not for public use, but for American scientists and the US military. Then it was introduced to the public and it was wrong to introduce it in the same way." The quote could become a reality if the number attacks continue to grow with no real protective measures in place to protect such high value websites.

LulzSec later said via Twitter “Eve Online, Escapist Magazine and Minecraft are all down. We let Fin Fisher back up (30 minute temporary fire request completed!)” Followed by “Welcome to #TitanicTakeoverTuesday where everyone is laughing at crybabies getting Lulz Cannoned!”

The takedowns still appear to be a friendly joke to the group; however the victims certainly won’t be feeling the same way.

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