Lumia 635 disappears from Microsoft Store, a day after preorders open

Yesterday, the Lumia 635 popped up on the Microsoft Store in the United States, with the option of preordering the device ahead of launch. But today, the preorder pages for the new low-cost Windows Phone have been removed, and there's no mention of it even if you search.

The listing for the AT&T version of the Lumia 635 on the Microsoft Store yesterday...

It had been priced at just $99 off-contract with AT&T and $129 with T-Mobile. The handset went on sale a few days ago in several markets around the globe, priced at $189 before taxes and subsidies. The low price in the United States suggests either that the price on those two carriers is being generously subsidized or, perhaps, that the pricing was inaccurate, which may explain why the listings were pulled from the Store. 

...and what you'll see if you try to visit the pre-order page today.

The 635 is virtually identical to the 3G-only Lumia 630, with added 4G LTE support being the only technical difference. There is also an aesthetic difference between the two, as the 635 is sold with glossy dual-layered polycarbonate shells, compared with the matte versions that come with the 630 - but these shells can be purchased separately and interchanged between the two devices. 

We have contacted Microsoft to ask for clarification on the disappearance of the 635 from the Store, and we will update this post if and when we hear back from them. 

Source: Microsoft Store via @WinObs

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