Major Xbox 360 Update Tomorrow

Thanks to Voodoo Extreme for the heads up on this one.
Seems Microsoft is going to push a rather large update to Xbox 360 users tomorrow in the form of a "Dashboard" Hi-Def make over. Yes, that "meaningless" HD support is finally here for 360 users. There are about 85 changes and enhancements in this update, so it is a pretty significant update to the system we are talking about here. Needless to say I won't list all 85 changes, but here are some of the more important things:
* HD 1080p video mode support over VGA and component cables.
* Xbox 360™ HD DVD Player support.
* Stream WMV video from a Windows PC running Windows Media Player 11, Zune software, or Windows Media Connect.
* Lightning-fast enumeration and listing of all Xbox Live® Arcade games on the console.
* Find games quickly with two new sort options: Recently Played and By Category.
* Have all new Xbox Live Arcade games at the ready with auto downloads. Auto downloads optionally adds newly released trial versions of games to active downloads when you enter Xbox Live Arcade.
* Improved support for games to better handle host migration in multi-player matches.
* HD DVD player support.
As I said this is only a small list, and since I am not (yet) a 360 user, I don't really know which "updates" or "enhancements" would merit being listed over another. So enjoy the update tomorrow, and like, watch those 1080p movies!
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