Malaria faces its toughest opponent yet, Windows Phone


Mobile devices have revolutionized how we communicate. With a phone in your pocket, you are now connected to the entire world simply through the data connection the device provides. But this is only the start as these devices have, over the past few years, massively increased their processing power.

Looking to use this technology for the greater good, a team from Microsoft’s 2011 Imagine Cup developed a process using a Windows Phone application to diagnose malaria, called Lifelens.

The process works like this, a blood sample is placed on to a material with a dye that only malaria parasite can absorb, then a Windows Phone device with a modified lens (350x) takes a picture of the sample and by using the teams algorithm, they can use the image to determine if the individual has malaria.

Because of this breakthrough, the team was also awarded a grant of $75,000 to help fund the project and more importantly, make sure the product gets delivered to those who can use the tool to help save lives.

The world changing Windows Phone applications do not end there. Another team from Imagine Cup 2011 also created a refugee application that can securely register refugees and their welfare needs. Additionally, it can assist with monitoring of healthcare, education, and distributing aid.  Because it runs on Windows Phone, the process is now portable and data is stored in the cloud that allows for the data to be accessed nearly anywhere.

The advantage with this application is that it allows for easy documentation with minimal training. Because of this, it helps to make sure that refugees are receiving the care and attention they need while leveraging modern technology.

These two applications are only the start of what is possible when dedicated minds come together to create applications for the greater good.

Neowin will be following Imagine Cup 2012 as it progress during the year to keep you informed of all the great ideas that are coming to fruition thanks to the challenges set before them to help make the world a better place.

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