Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch

Mega Man Legacy Collection, featuring the first six games in the series, was initially released a couple years ago for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo 3DS. The collection more recently debuted on mobile, along with a follow-up collection, Legacy Collection 2, that offered Mega Man 7 through Mega Man 10. Now, the collection is coming to the Nintendo Switch, giving console owners a healthy dose of the "Blue Bomber".

The news was announced through Twitch, during a Mega Man 30th Anniversary live stream, with the added tidbit that the game will arrive sometime in spring of 2018. While the Legacy Collection will feature the same games for the Switch, there will be a new rewind mode added to the game. This will allow players to take things back a couple steps if they make a mistake during those highly intense moments. Those that own the collection on other consoles or PC will see the rewind feature rolled out to them as well.

If that wasn't enough Mega Man, Capcom also announced that it would be releasing a brand new entry in the series, Mega Man 11, sometime in late 2018.

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