Microsoft acquires Movere to streamline its customers' journey to Azure

Microsoft's commitment to making Azure a more attractive platform for its customers has recently been highlighted in the form of various improvements. Last week, a way to utilize Azure IoT alongside IoT Messaging to simplify spatial intelligence usage was introduced, and full support for open-source machine learning framework PyTorch's version 1.2 was announced as well.

In order to make customer migration to the cloud an easier process, Microsoft launched the Azure Migration Program in July. Today, following up on that move, the tech giant announced that it has acquired cloud tech provider Movere, in a bid to further streamline its customers' journey to Azure.

In a separate blog post, Kristin Ireland, Movere CEO, commented on how the firm's own migration to the cloud helped it recognize crucial mistakes that were made along the way. As such, Ireland believes that Movere is situated in a good position to assist others in avoiding the same oversights. She outlines the goals being pursued through this acquisition in the following manner:

"The acquisition by Microsoft is not just a marriage of a best-in-class and trusted cloud platform with a powerful data and insights platform; it is also the merge of passions of two companies looking to move mountains for customers through a deep partner ecosystem, with the ultimate goal of enabling your business transformation delivered at the speed of light."

A wider variety of capabilities will be provided to customers as a result of this acquisition, including various tools, processes, and programs. The expertise brought from over a decade of experience Movere has in the cloud sphere will help complement Azure Migrate's available services. Microsoft believes that this move signifies the sort of investments it is making to carry out successful cloud migrations for its customers, and in helping them transform their businesses for the better.

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