Microsoft adds time period options to Bing search results

Searching for sometime on the Internet might bring you a string of links, but sometimes many of those sources contain incomplete, incorrect or simply outdated information on what you might be looking for. Today, Microsoft announced that Bing has added a new feature that lets users fllter search results via the time period when they were first published.

The official Bing blog features the brief announcement that search results can now be filtered by the top results that were published in the last 24 hours. They can also be filtered to show results from the last week or in the last month. Of course, the default will still be "All" for those of you who desire that all encompassing list of links.

Filtering search results based on the time period  they were created is something that Google already does with its YouTube video web site as well as its regular search service, so it's good that Microsoft is now adding such features for its Bing users for the first time. Microsoft has let its opinions on how Google displays search results known to the public for some time... and will likely continue to do so.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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