Microsoft CFO: Windows 8 key to cross-platform plans

Windows 8 was one of the subjects brought up by Microsoft's chief financial officer Peter Klein in an address to the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on Wednesday. Microsoft posted up the video of his appearance which mostly consistented of a Q&A session with Goldman Sachs analyst Heather Bellini.

Windows 8's Metro interface will be part of Microsoft's plans to bring that UI to other platforms. Klein stated, "What we're trying to do is develop a complete set of experiences across all device types, be they TV, tablets, PCs, phone, whatever. It's unclear exactly what the ultimate device spectrum will be. In everything that we're doing I think things have come together very nicely over the last couple of years."

While the actual experience of using Windows 8 should be the same when used on both x86 and ARM-based hardware, Klein did say there would be differences  "on the margin" between the two products.

Another way that Microsoft plans to link its various products together is with its recent merger with Skype. During the conference, Klein stated, "Skype extends that across all of our assets, whether it’s with Lync in the enterprise, or with Xbox Live. It’s something that really ties together all of our devices, a scenario that’s as universal as any."

Microsoft's ability to fully integrate Skype with its other properties may be delayed, however, as Cisco yesterday filed an appeal to the General Court of the European Union stating that, while it isn't wholly opposed to Microsoft's acquisition of Skype, it would like the EU's decision to approve the purchase to be reviewed, with the possibility of new conditions being imposed.

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