Microsoft E3 conference details leak out

It is a big week for the gaming industry as E3 represents the premier location to make any gaming related announcement for the entire year. While companies always work hard to keep their presentations hidden from the general population, Microsoft made a small mistake and went live with their E3 webpage a little bit early.

The information reveals that Microsoft is working on Halo 4, they will bring voice search to Xbox Live and will also be showing off Kinect Fun labs. Halo 4 will continue on with Microsoft's flagship exclusive and this announcement shouldn't come as a surprise to many as Microsoft is always looking to build upon the Halo 4 brand to retain customer loyalty.

A remake of the original Halo has also been confirmed by the leak. Previous rumors suggested the development of a remake, and with 2011 being ten years since its original release, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will be a welcome re-release for long-time fans of the series.

The other fronts that Microsoft will be talking about later today is the Xbox will be bringing Voice Search to Xbox Live. This new feature will make it easier to navigate the platform which can be a bit cumbersome due to all the features built into the Xbox platform.

Finally, Microsoft will be showing off Kinect Fun labs will which be a welcomed edition to the Kinect platform. This update will allow you to interact with objects in ways that have not been previously seen in the video game market. Build a Buddy and Googly eyes appear to be new applications that allow you to scan an object and then either interact with it or actually become that object. There will be other games such as bobble head and sparkler.

Neowin is on the ground at E3, make sure to stay tuned as we bring all the E3 coverage as it happens.

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