Microsoft employee sues Kazaa

There's a new legal battle over Kazaa -- and this time it has nothing to do with swapping copyrighted music online.

A native of Romania is filing suit and he claims that he wrote the source code to the popular file-sharing software. In addition to seeking the rights to the software, Fabian Toader is seeking $25 million dollars in compensation. Toader claims he wrote the computer code for Kazaa in 2000 while working in Romania on a freelance basis for Kazaa. The company then sold the rights to the software in 2002 to Sharman Networks. Toader claims he never signed a contract with Kazaa and, under U.S. and Romanian copyright laws, he is the owner of the program, not Sharman Networks. A spokesman for Sharman says the lawsuit is little more than what he calls "Toader's most recent shakedown effort."

News source: CNN

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