Microsoft gets serious about Windows piracy

Microsoft has been battling piracy since the beginning. But it seems as though they have finally had enough. In one of the more recent Windows Updates, Microsoft deployed what they feel is a step in the right direction for preventing the theft of their software.

Windows users with the pirated software installed on their computer will soon notice a black desktop, along with a permanent notice in the bottom right of their screen, stating that they must purchase a legitimate copy of Windows. While Microsoft is trying to get their message across as best they can, the company is still kind enough to allow all applications to run normally.

The new tactic has not gone unnoticed or without resistance. Multiple law suites have been filed claiming Microsoft is now the one doing the hacking, though to this date, no claims have been successful. Little time has been wasted, as users have already begun to find ways around the new feature. One way to circumvent this is as simple as shutting off the Windows Update feature to prevent the installation of the validation program.

Many are claiming it is because of the poor economy and high priced software that they are forced to make use of pirated goods. This may be true but they are not acceptable excuses. It is against the law to steal, ladies and gentlemen, and Windows is finally doing something about it.

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