Microsoft getting more involved in Windows 8 Ultrabook designs?

Intel has been the leader in trying to convince both PC makers and consumers to consider their thin-and-light Ultrabook notebook design. Indeed, Intel has just launched a new advertising campaign to make Ultrabook laptops look cool.

Now there's word that another company is making itself known in designing the next generation of Ultrabooks. Digitimes reports via unnamed sources that Microsoft is currently working with PC makers to make sure that future versions of Ultrabooks work well with Microsoft's Windows 8 OS, particularly its Metro themed touch screen user interface.

The story claims that traditional notebooks shake when a user has installed Windows 8 and then uses the touch screen UI. Microsoft is reportedly working with PC makers to come up with Windows 8 Ultrabooks that will have "sliding- and folding-form factors" in addition to the more traditional clamshell design.

We have already seen designs that are different from the normal notebook at CES 2012, including one from Lenovo, the IdeaPad Yoga, that has a flip screen which allows it to be used as both a regular laptop and as a touch screen only tablet.

The story claims that by the end of the year, 30 percent of the notebooks that have a 13 inch screen or larger will have touch screen capabilities, versus just three to five percent that was previously predicted.

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