Microsoft has more Kinect for Windows v2 developer preview kits for purchase

A month ago, Microsoft started sending out the first Kinect for Windows v2 developer preview kits, allowing for thousands of software creators to get a first crack at using the next generation Kinect sensor, which is based on the hardware included in the new Xbox One console.

Apparently there was a lot of interest from developers in getting to work with the preview version and Microsoft wanted to add more software creators to that list. Today, the company announced it now has 500 more developer preview kits to send to app makers if they pay $399. For that price, they will get a pre-release version of the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor, along with a beta version of the new SDK and other privileges.

Microsoft said that some application teams have already been busy with the pre-release version of Kinect for Windows v2. It stated:

We’ve heard about some promising early experiments that are taking advantage of the higher resolution data and the ability to see six people.  People have told us about early success with the new sensor’s ability to track the tips of hands and thumbs.  And some developers have even described how easy it’s been to port their v1 apps to the new APIs.

The final version of Kinect for Windows v2 won't be available to purchase until sometime in 2014.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Vladimir Kolesnikov

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