Microsoft hiring program managers for its Windows Mobile team

Windows 10 Mobile, even with its minuscule market share, is not going anywhere anytime soon it seems, as Microsoft is looking to hire people for its Windows Mobile team. However, the vocation is seemingly more enterprise focused.

The company is looking for a Senior Program Manager and some other Program Managers to "help drive the communication experiences to mobile devices, improve the user experience, meet enterprise and operator requirements".

Microsoft watcher WalkingCat also pointed out the content in one of the ads:

In the mobile-first, cloud-first world Windows Mobile remains an important and strategic piece for Microsoft. We are uniquely positioned to support our Enterprise customers, OEM and Mobile partners who continue to invest in our platform and the consumers who are adapting connectivity scenarios like Continuum. An agile and nimble organization is being created in the Windows and Devices Group (WDG) to support this charter and deliver on the security, manageability features for Enterprises and consumers and be part of the cutting-edge long-term investments in Mobile.

This has long been the strategy of the Redmond company and it seems to be sticking to it. A more enterprise-focused approach is probably the best bet for the flailing mobile platform which has lost on all fronts when it comes to the consumer space. However, the corporation's continued support for it indicates a plan to return.

The doom-and-gloom that usually encompass Windows phones have led to its consistent decline to the point of irrelevance with firms like IDC, and Kantar writing the platform off. But, Microsoft seemingly isn't giving up on the strategy; and with the mysterious Surface Phone allegedly still in the works,, there might still be some hope after all.

Source: Microsoft Careers [1], [2], [3] via WalkingCat (Twitter)

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