Microsoft hits 10,000th patent

Microsoft has surpassed its next milestone in the race to patent its operating system. The company has been trying to file as many patents within the last two years to safe guard its innovations. The company has been approved with over 5,000 patents within the last two years. With the patents, has come with an increase in law suits all around the board against the software giant who has more than 100 people in its patent support group, including 40 attorneys, working to prevent such lawsuits.

Microsoft gives up to $1500 per patent filed along with the detailed information on a cube with the invention, to the workers, with a plague with the first page of the patent to hang up. The benefit of filing a patent on its software to prevent companies ripping off their ideas and innovations seems to be on top of Microsoft's list these days to reduce the number of lawsuits filed yearly against the company.

The 10,000th patent deals with the technology used in computers like Microsoft's Surface that link a real-world object with a set of data or images stored on a computer.

The 5,000th patent deals with linking a virtual audience of online gaming fans, a technology used in Microsoft's Xbox360 console.

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