Microsoft launches Recite: Technical Preview

If you're a Windows Mobile fan Microsoft has just launched a technical preview of it's upcoming release of Microsoft Recite. The application will record short clips of notes, and you can later search for a specific phrase and be displayed by shades of blue in order of the strongest result. The application doesn't use voice recognition but uses voice patterns, which has been noted to give better results when searching through your notes. It's as simple as one, two, three:

During this technical preview only a limited number of devices are officially supported. They are the AT&T Blackjack II, AT&T Pantech Duo, HTC Diamond, Motorola Q9C, Moto Q9m, Palm Treo 800w, Palm Treo Pro, SMT 5800, T-Mobile Dash, T-Mobile Shadow, and T-Mobile Wing. Microsoft Recite requires Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher. The application will be officially announced tomorrow at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, along with many other applications and updates we've all be waiting for. In the mean time if you cannot use Microsoft Recite, enjoy the video for a preview of what this application has to offer:

Download: Microsoft Recite: Technical Preview

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