Microsoft looking to produce scripted TV shows?

Microsoft: Operating system seller, Xbox 360 game developer ... TV show creator? That's the newest rumor out of Hollywood. According to a story on Deadline, citing unnamed sources, the company has been using a headhunting agency to look for someone that could take over the role of a new executive position: head of scripted TV programming. The story doesn't go into any more details.

Microsoft has certainly put its foot into the Hollywood ocean before: it tried and failed to get a Halo feature film off the ground. However, it has seen some success with The Guild, the cult hit short form web sitcom about a group of massively multiplayer members in their real life adventures. Microsoft, along with sponsor Sprint, has funded the development of the last few seasons of The Guild, which has made an Internet star out of its creator and lead actress Felicia Day.

Microsoft might be wanting to compete with two other big Internet powerhouses who are also branching out into original programming. Google announced a few weeks ago plans to offer a ton of original programming via its YouTube video service over the next several months. The streaming video service Netflix also has plans for its own original shows including the Kevin Spacey drama House Of Cards. A few weeks ago it announced it would be the exclusive outlet for the revival of the cult hit sitcom Arrested Development, with new episodes due out in early 2013.

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