Microsoft makes new emojis available in optional Windows 11 November Update

Emoji Windows 11 Nov Update

Microsoft has made large strides in updating emojis in Windows 11 with support of emoji 13.1. The initial release of Windows 11 added new emojis as part of Segoe Color Emoji font. Though emoji 12.0 and 13.0 support were included in Windows 10 insider builds, Windows 11 adds a more modern aesthetic look and expressive flavor. Windows 11 also includes 255 new emojis with more gender-neutral options available in a consistent design that are available from today.

The emojis were initially shipped as part of Windows 11 OS Build 22000.346 November Update release to Windows Insiders, which saw all emojis in Windows 11 get updated from a flat style to fluent 2D style. Along with support for emoji 13.1, Microsoft has added a feature to search emojis in all languages and users can now use the updated emoji panel to enter emojis in other applications.

Windows 11 Gender Neutral EmojiWindows 11 Clippy Emoji

The fluent design inspired emojis in Windows 11 moves away from the thick bordered look and brings in a expressive, playful and modern look. Microsoft even brought back a playful version of Clippy replacing the standard paperclip. Microsoft plans to roll out the updated emojis in other Microsoft applications across platforms including Teams and Outlook.

The updated emojis are available through an optional November 2021 Windows 11 preview release. If you want to gain access to the new emoji, open your Windows Update settings (Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update) and select Check for updates. Once you’ve completed installing the update, hit the Windows key + period key to access the new emoji within the emoji picker.

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