Microsoft Office 2010 desktop now listed in Windows Store on Windows 8

If you have downloaded and installed the Windows 8 Release Preview but have yet to download and purchase Microsoft Office 2010, the productivity software suite is now available as a listing on the Windows Store. reports that Microsoft Office 2010 has become the first desktop app to receive such a listing in the Windows Store.

While Office 2010 is indeed listed, there is not a way to directly purchase and download the software via the Windows Store. Instead, the listing has a link that opens up Internet Explorer where you can find normal web links to purchase and download the software.

Microsoft had already announced that the Windows Store feature in Windows 8 would list a selection of desktop apps but would not provide a way to directly download them like Windows Store does for Windows 8 Metro apps.

Still, this should give desktop apps for Windows 8 some more exposure than normal. It's also possible that Microsoft could change its mind and give Windows Store new features that would allow for direct downloads of Windows 8 desktop apps.


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