Microsoft puts down Siri again in two new videos

Microsoft has released two new Siri vs Cortana videos that, once again, show the shortcomings of Apple's digital assistant. This time around, Microsoft is focusing on Cortana's ability to check traffic based on your calendar and the built in reminders based on who you are talking to.

You can check out both of the videos in this post but each are only 20 seconds long which might mean that these are not destined for the cable networks. Those advertisements are generally 30 seconds long but it's still possible we might see these shown during commercial time-outs during NFL games.

Microsoft is constantly improving Cortana and is committed to pushing out updates twice a month for the platform. Because of the way Cortana is built, Microsoft is able to easily update her capabilities without having to release new firmware for your phone. 

You can take a look at the commercials in this post but we do wonder if Microsoft has any plans to go after Google Now. Seeing that Android has a much larger market share than iOS, it seems like a logical target too.

Source: YouTube

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