WP7: "Mango" SDK tools available for download now

Microsoft released the Windows Phone 7 "Mango" SDK today as part of a broader announcement and presentation of the huge update to the platform. The SDK was expected to to include more than 1500 new developer tools, ranging from multitasking memory efficiency improvements, to SQL database tools. There will be generally a deeper integration of developer tools in the OS, allowing for more customization of OS elements like tiles. As well as software enhancements, access to developers is now given to the camera and motion sensor library to further take advantage of software that uses these tools.

Also released in the toolkit is a new performance profiler and a sensor simulator. The WP7 "Mango" SDK is now available here.

Neowin is on the ground at the London and New Zealand PR locations for this announcement, so stay tuned for more updates and release information as the event goes on. 

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