Microsoft Releases Xna Game Studio Express

XNA Game Studio Express has finally hit 1.0. What does this mean? The first final release is available: everyone who wants can now put in the time needed to make their own Xbox 360 game. The download is only available for XP but is coming for Vista later. The software is a free download as it is a cut-down version of Microsoft's XNA game development platform. To get the most out of the download, however, a fee of $49 (for 4 months) or $99 (for a year) is necessary to join the XNA Creators Club at Xbox Live Marketplace. So what exactly are you dishing out that cash for? In addition to being able to play user-created games on your Xbox 360, you will have access to a library of game assets, sample products, white papers and of course good old tech support. To add some hype, Microsoft is offering "fantastic prizes" and "global envy" if you win the "Dream-Build-Play" game design competition. Will Microsoft's ingenious plan tip the table their way?

View: Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express 1.0 | Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 1.0
News source: Engadget

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