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Microsoft security spend more than Star Wars missile system

Microsoft has spent more on securing its software than was spent on the Star Wars missile project, the company's head of security has told conference guests. An unfortunate analogy for Iain Mulholland to use since the project was a complete failure and little more than the private obsession of a few top American ego-maniacs. But, despite - and because of - this Herculean effort, viruses and worms are going to get worse. They will become more complex, more vicious and more dangerous because the days of quick and easy exploits have come to an end, thanks to the software giant's efforts. According to one expert anyway.

Former Bell Laboratories researcher, security author and founder of IT security firm Lumeta, Bill Cheswick said that improved security will force malicious code writers to construct more complex programs that will either circumvent or push conventional defenses such as anti-virus software and firewalls to their limits. Recent examples of malicious code, that had not necessarily escaped into the wild, were generally becoming more time consuming and difficult to copy or neutralise, he said. "Virus emulators are slowing down. This game is not going to end nicely. What happens if there is a virus you cannot defeat? The spooks worry about viruses with their own compilers."

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News source: TechWorld

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