Microsoft shows off clear prototype Arc Touch Mouse

Microsoft creates a lot of concepts for its various hardware products before it settles on the final design. That's certainly true of the company's Arc Touch Mouse. Today on Microsoft's Windows Experience blog, the company showed off one of the prototypes for the PC mouse product and as you can see from the above photo, it's showing off what's inside.

The prototype uses a clear plastic to show the inner electronics that are running things in the Arc Touch Mouse. Even the bendable second half of the prototype mouse product is made of a clear rubber material. Microsoft says it feels the same as the rubber on the final production version of the Arc Touch Mouse.

Microsoft said that this clear version of the mouse only had a few units products for internal purposes. However, it could be interesting to see if Microsoft ever released a mouse product with a clear plastic design that would deliberately show off what was inside. We suspect it might be a big seller among hardcore PC users.

In any case, this blog post was a tiny peek of what Microsoft likes to do when it designs a new product; perhaps we will see more of this behind-the-scenes feature from the company in the future.

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