Microsoft shows off their entertainment philosophy in new video

Microsoft is working hard to change the way we interact with the television. For what has mostly been a static experience over the years, Microsoft is looking to make the viewing experience more social.

In a video posted up on the Microsoft blog, they show off what all of their products, Xbox, Bing and Kinect can do when working in harmony. While all of the products have been shown off previously, the video shows off them all in unison and how they can enhance your viewing experience.

Microsoft describes the video by saying “This video brings that philosophy to life, while showing off what the combination of Xbox, Kinect, Bing and voice recognition can do for your entertainment experience.”

Crucially, the video shows how Bing is more than a simple search engine. Because Microsoft can bring that technology to all of its platforms, it can now enhance any product with built in web search.

Microsoft says this is just a small hint of what we can expect in the future. The post also says that we will be seeing progress in the next few months on this entertainment front. One might expect that new information will be revealed at the BUILD conference this September.


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