Skype launches Wi-Fi app for iOS

The tool known as Skype Access is now coming to iOS devices everywhere, and it is known as Skype WiFi. The app will allow users to access over a million hotspots in convention centers, hotels, airports, and other places. According to the Skype blog, using Skype WiFi will not require use of an expensive hourly or daily WiFi voucher. Instead, users will pay for WiFi access by the minute using Skype credits.

For those who need access but do not want to pay roaming charges (especially if you have an iPhone), this app may come in handy. Just note that the app requires iOS 4.1 and above (iOS 3 users are out of luck). In addition, you must have a Skype account. The going rate for Skype WiFi will be starting at $0.06/€0,05 and includes the Value Added Tax (VAT). Skype notes that the price will vary by the WiFi operator, but will include unlimited downloads and uploads.

For those who are interested and download the app from the App Store, Skype has another incentive. Skype is offering free WiFi from Saturday August 20th (00:00) to Sunday August 21st (23:59) BST for a max of 60 minutes. So check the app out at this link, and try it out, if just for the fact you get some free WiFi this weekend.



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