Microsoft Tagspace (Refresh)

Tagspace is a Web-based "social bookmarking" service that will revolutionize the way you collect, organize, discover, consume, and share links to the sites that you find interesting or valuable on the World Wide Web.

If you're unfamiliar with the term "social bookmarking," you can think of Tagspace as a gigantic "Favorites folder" on the Web, which frees you from having to import and export your favorites from browser to browser and computer to computer. It also allows you to organize your links in a more intuitive way than you can just by using the bookmarking tools available in your browser.

We could rattle on for days about how social bookmarking is going to change your life for the better but frankly, we don't want to put you to sleep. Instead, we recommend that you find a friend who uses Tagspace or another social bookmarking service and ask them to describe how it has changed their life for the better. If you don't have any friends who match this description or if you'd simply like to make more friends, please join us for a blog party that never ends: see at right for a list of various team member blog posts, which will, naturally, take you directly to their blogs.

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