Microsoft to spur on startups with Bing fund

Microsoft has long been a supporter of startups with its software offerings through its DreamSpark and BizSpark operations. While the company has previously made investments in to sites like Facebook, the company is about to start exploring new options with its Bing Fund.

The company is now accepting offers to join its program which you can find here but there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. Currently, the offer is for US based operations only at this time, they really want to see a working prototype and want to know about what kind of funds you are looking for or have already raised.

Microsoft is offering quite a bit, including cash to help spur on your development and you can see below what the company's official line is on its offerings:

Here’s what we offer:
• Subsidized use of unique APIs from Bing’s data ecosystem
• The opportunity to access certain technology assets developed by Microsoft Research
• Assistance from Bing Fund team members who specialize in design, engineering, marketing, and building businesses
• Consultations with Subject Matter Experts at Microsoft, some of whom are world experts in their areas
• Exposure to Microsoft executives
• Connections with our partners and customers
• Funding
• Co-workspace for startups located in the Seattle area.

Each company’s Intellectual Property and products, of course, remain their own.

Bing describes its fund as an angel investment, as opposed to a full-on VC investment and is looking to partner with only a few startups at a time, no details were given on the size of the fund. 

Got more questions, want to make a pitch? Head on over to the source link and get your elevator pitch down to 140 characters. 


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