Microsoft unveils Spindex, a new social media tool

Microsoft has revealed its new social media tool called Spindex.  The idea is that the new tool will be able to take all of your social media connections and display them on one page from popular services like Twitter, Facebook, Bing, and soon to be many more services.

From Spindex’s landing page, “Spindex allows you to access and interact with your social networks, see trends from your friends, and see related info from Bing on literally everything you click on. Spindex proactively finds useful articles and information based on your interest in your friends’ messages and comments. It lets you find out more about the topics that your friends and feeds are talking about in one click - so you can jump into the conversation.

Make sense of your social overload, open your personalized Spindex page, and find out at a glance what topics are hot in your social world. You can also keep track of the things you are remembering via Evernote - right inside of your Spindex page. Spindex is not just a social reader – as you browse your friends’ updates, Spindex continually suggests related content from Bing – giving you better insight into the topics and trends spinning around you”

The idea, in a nut shell, will combine all of your favorite social media websites and display them on a single page. This should save you time and hopefully give you better access to all of your favorite websites.  While the service seems promising, implementation will be key to keeping the flood of information organized. 

The service is being rolled out to only those who attend the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, but will be rolled out later to the general public.

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