Microsoft wants to help you get your apps approved quickly

When Microsoft first announced its plans for the Windows Store for Windows 8 Metro users, they also launched an app developer contest. This contest gave a few lucky software creators a chance to have their Windows 8 Metro apps to be among first to be released when the Windows 8 Consumer Preview was launched on February 29.

While that contest is now over, that doesn't mean Microsoft isn't looking for more Windows 8 Metro apps to be put into the Windows Store. In a blog post this week, Microsoft's Matt Harrington has put the word out that he will help app developers in the western part of the United States get their apps submitted for the Windows Store.

If you happen to live in that part of the country, and if you have made a cool Metro app, Harrington says to contact him. He states, "I’ll help you register so you can get your application through our Application Accelerator Labs, where the app will get reviewed to confirm it is done and conforms to the Metro guidelines and certification requirements."

Microsoft is also holding a series of Windows Application Accelerator Labs camps so that app developers can get help in making apps for the Metro UI. A list of those camps' locations and dates, along with separate Windows Developer Camps, are listed at Harrington's blog.

Image via Microsoft

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