Microsoft wants you to ‘Like' and Retweet Surface news

Microsoft Surface has been revealed, teased and advertised in since June. With no definite pricing announced for either of the tablets Windows 8 RT or Pro variants, the consumer can only base a possible purchase on the devices aesthetics and OS. To help with the marketing push, Microsoft has setup Facebook and Twitter accounts for the brand.

The Facebook page only has two posts at the moment, one linking to the reveal video and the other to download the music from the video. At the time of the screenshot, the page had gained 5,863 likes.

The Twitter page has tweets of the same Facebook posts. At the time of the screenshot, the page had gained 5,197 followers.

Surface reveal video

Microsoft will need to reveal the pricing for the hardware soon, as the official launch of the hardware is scheduled for October 26th. The only pricing guideline consumers have to go on is tablet and hybrid hardware from OEMs like Acer and Lenovo which, at the moment, analyst have said are priced too high.

Surface Facebook and Twitter | Thanks to forum member BajiRav for the tip!

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